These laboratories are well established and are continuously upgraded. Major equipment in the laboratories includes
  • 200 T Computer Controlled & 200 T Universal Testing Machine NDT Equipment
  • 100 T UTM
  • Pentax Total Station
  • Triaxial shear test apparatus
  • Spectrophotometer

The CACED lab has 40 high end systems and is provided with software like Tower CAD, STADD - III, STADD Pro and Land Desk top, Architectural Desk top, Map series, Revit, strap.

S.No Name of the Laboratory / Workshop Major Equipments Lab Photos



  Moisture sensitivity
02 Surveying Total Station,GPS equipment (3), Theodolites(25), Microptic Theodolites (4), Refracto seismic timer, Dumpy levels(25)
03 Fluid Mechanics Bernoulli's theorem, Curved channel, Centrifugal pump (Var. Speed), Heleshaw, Orifice, Rectangular flume (H-jump, Notches)
04 Strength of Materials Tensometer, U.T.M. 100 T , Pendulum impact testing , 20Torsion testing machine, 200 T Micro processor based UTM.
05 Concrete Lab. Compression testing machine, NDT Equipment, Core drilling machine, Rebar locator, Rebound hammer.
06 Soil Mechanics CBR apparatus, Universal Triaxial test, Pore pressure test, Consolidation apparatus, Dynamic cone penetration apparatus.



Marshal stability test apparatus, Benkelman Beam, Las Angeles Abrasion test, Aggregate crushing, ductility test, Bitumen grade test



Flame photometer, BOD incubator, Air pollution analyzer, Sound pollution analyzer.
09 Computer laboratory Computer systems -36 Nos. Software: STADD-III, STADD Pro, CABFAD, Tower CAD, Auto Desk packages 4 nos., STRAP Peripherals: DLP projector, UPS 3 KV, HP Laser jet printer.
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