AICTE Mandatory Disclosures
Internal Assessment and Evaluation


The mechanism followed for Internal assessment is described below.


The assessment process is outlined for theory and laboratorycourses, which is common for all the years. Seminars and Project seminar currently applies to IV year students. 

 Theory Courses:

  • Two internal examinations are conducted in every semester, one each after 7 weeks of instruction.
  • The subject coverage for each internal is 2 to 2.5 Units or 40% to 50% of the syllabus.
  • The question paper is common for all 70 and odd students of a class.  The time of examination for each subject is also common for all the students thereby ensuring utmost transparency.
  • In the current practice, for I to III year students, assessment is also done through two quiz tests.  Each quiz is conducted along with the Internal Tests
  • The questions are followed by the Course Outcome (CO) number, to facilitate the student and the teacher about the attainment of the CO by the student as well as the class.
  • The corrected answer scripts are given back to students and grievance of any student regarding valuation is addressed by the teacher.

Laboratory courses:

    • Students are assessed on continuous basis by awarding marks for their performance of individual experiments which is communicated during the next class. 
    • The division of marks in the laboratory courses is 
  1. Laboratory Report – 15 marks
  2. Viva- Voce or objective –type test -  5 marks
  3. Internal Examination – 5 marks.

 The distribution could vary depending upon the nature of laboratory course. 


A committee of three teachers evaluates the seminar given by students on the following criteria:

  1. Relevance of the material to the
  2. Survey of literature / Background work
  3. Methods employed or suggested
  4. Effectiveness of presentation
  5. Report submitted

The criteria are told beforehand to the students. The report carries 10 marks out of 25 marks, while the others depend on the nature of topic.

Final year Project:  The final year projects are assessed in two stages.

In the first stage, the criteria are:

  1. Definition of the problem
  2. Survey of literature or of relevant existing systems
  3. Proposed methodology
  4. Report submitted
  5. Interaction with guide

In the final stage, the criteria are:

  1. Justification of equations, Algorithms or designs used
  2. Demonstration of the program or models developed
  3. Results obtained and inferences drawn
  4. Effectiveness of presentation
  5. Report
  6. Interaction with guide and outside organizations

Presentation is divided between the members of the project group, but each student is expected to know the complete system.

  • The methods adapted are different depending on the nature of the subject. However, the assessment process for each type is well defined. Also, the tests and seminars follow the regular frequency as per the academic calendar.

Thus the internal assessment processes are transparent and robust in terms of frequency and variety.





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