Labs in the Department :

There are 12 laboratories which cater to the needs of ECE students viz.

  • Computer Centre i) Internet Centre ii) HDL Lab
  • Electronics Devices Circuits Lab
  • Electronic Workshop and Basic Circuits Lab
  • Analog Electronic Circuits Lab
  • Integrated Circuits Lab
  • Communication Lab
  • Project Lab
  • Basic Electronics Lab
  • Microwave Lab
  • Digital Signal Processing Lab
  • Microprocessor/Microcontroller Lab
  • PCB Lab

Some laboratories offer service to CSE, EEE, Mech. & Prodn. students.

The laboratories are well equipped and are continuously upgraded with new and modern equipment each year.

The laboratories have over 68 CROs, Mixed signal oscilloscope, 13 Digital storage oscilloscopes, Spectrum analyser, 1 Logic state analyser, over 70 Microprocessor, Microcontroller kits and modules, 100 Function generators, 100 Experimental kits, 100 DMMs etc.

A Centralised computer lab with 40 systems are connected in LAN exclusively for ECE students, with the systems present in all laboratories of the department.

The software includes multiple copies of each of VHDL view logic 4.1, Active VHDL 6.1, Verilog HDL 6.1, ORCAD P- SPIECE, Multisim, Lab view and KEIL PK51 Software.

Matlab, Mathematica, Xilinx ISE foundation software, Xilinx platform studio chipscope pro and MASM.

10- User Lab View for Windows.

A Microcontroller lab has been created for final year students.

This lab includes Philips 8051, PIC 16F877A Microcontrollers, C- Compiler for 8051, CCS(PCWH) with ICD- U for PIC(unlimited users) (5 Microcontrollers), Robotics: Kits, Sensors, XILINX System Generator for DSP (MATLAB), DSP Processor with Code composer studio software.

The hardware includes CPLD's, FPGA.

A new CDMA trainer has been added to communication systems lab.

A dedicated project lab was established for final year students projects, mini projects etc.

The following major equipments have been added during 2008-09.

  • Single Chip MCU Trainers
  • Interfacing kits for Keil boards
  • Single Channel Power Meter 100KHZ to 110 GHZ along with sensor
  • DSP 6713 kits
  • Computers P-IV-14 Nos
S.No Name of the Laboratory / Workshop Major Equipments Lab Photos
01 Computer Center i) Internet ii) HDL P-IV / Celeron PCs - 44, VHDL s/w -15, Verilog- 3 PSPICE-5, Universal trainer-1, FPGA Modules Universal Programmer -1, KEIL software & boards - 5, Microcontroller-(Philips)-3, SPJ s/w-3 , Kit target boards - 5, Kit Interfacing modules - 10, , Xilinx ISE8.1-Unlimited, Xilinx EDK 8.1-Unlimited, ChipScope Pro, Compiler for RISC PIC -10, UPS 10 KVA computer centre
02 Electronic Devices & Circuits P-IV Computers-2, CRO-14, Signal Generators-12, Expt. Kits-22, Hall Effect unit-1. devices
03 Electronic Workshop & Basic Circuits PCs- 4, CRO -12, Signal Generators-17, Variac-2, Drilling Machine-2, Coil Winding Machine-1, Transmission Line trainer, Component Display Boards-20 workshop
04 Analog Electronic Circuits Lab Expt. Kits- 30, CRO's-12, , Signal Generators-24, AC Micro VMs-5, PIV-2 analog
05 Integrated Circuits P-IV Computers - 2, CRO's-13 DSO 60 MHz, Digital IC Trainers-23, Digital IC Tester -2, Lab Expt. Kits-26, Signal Generators-17. integrated circuits
06 Communication Spectrum Analyzer 1.5 GHz, DSOs-8, CDMA trainer Kit - 1, Lab Expt. Kits -32, Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer, PCs-2 communication
07 Electronic Engineering P-IV - 2 , CRO's-14, VTVM , Expt. Kits -16, Signal Generators-11, AC Micro Voltmeter-2, Nano Ammeter, Expt. Kits-16 electronic engg
08 Microwave Lab X-band Benches-11, Antenna Trainer System, CRO-1, PCs-2, RF Power Meter with Sensor microwave
09 Digital Signal Processing P-IV Computers-35, , Mathematica-11, PID Controller, Instrumentation Tutor, Stepper Motor Study Unit , Digital Controller & Simulator, Multism Edu 8 - 15, MATLAB7.3 with Tool Boxes -12, MATLAB5.3-Unlimited, DSP6713-8, DSO, 5KVA UPS digital signal
10 Microprocessors & Microcontroller 8085 & 8086 Processor Kits - 26, Logic Analyzer, Universal Programmer, MASM S/w, PCs- 15, Controller /Communication s/w, IC tester, UV eraser microprocessor
11 PCB HPPavilion PC, PCB Fabrication Equipment Programmable Coil Winding Machine, PCB software pcb
12 Projects Lab Lab view s/w - 10, Viewlogic, PSpice, PROTEUS s/w, CROs - 4, Oscillators - 4, PCs-12, Digital LCR meter, Keil PK51, Lab View PIC MIC, PIC Flash IC Programmer-3, MC Flash IC-3 projects
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