Entrepreneurship Development Cell & IIC

Date: 24th August 2018

Time: 11:00am to 1:00pm

Venue: AV Room, IT Block

Objective: Awareness, Motivation and Opportunities for Innovations


Department Representatives of EDC (Faulty)

  1. Mr. M. Bagawan, Asst Prof, Dept of AE
  2. Mr. S. Praveen, Asst Prof, Dept of CE
  3. Dr. A.V. Krishna Prasad, Assoc. Prof, Dept of CSE
  4. Mr. Vikram Narayan Das, Asst Prof, Dept of CSE
  5. Mr. S. Ch. Vijaya Bhaskar, Asst. Prof, Dept of IT
  6. Mr. D. Muninder, Asst. Prof, Dept of IT
  7. Mr. S. Shyam Mohan, Asst Prof, Dept of EEE
  8. Mr. V. Nikil Murthy, Asst Prof, Dept of ME
  9. Ms. S. E Praveena, Asst Prof, Dept of MBA

and 55 students from BE 3rd year and 4th year of various Engineering branches.

Address by:

  1. Dr. G. Kanaka Durga, Principal, MVSREC
  2. Prof. S. G. S. Murthy, Vice Principal, MVSREC
  3. Dr. P. A. Sastry, Special  Invitee
  4. Prof.  J. Prasanna Kumar, TPO, MVSREC
  5. Dr. M. Madhavi, Chief Coordinator, R&D, MVSREC
  6. Dr. Ch. Samson, HOD, IT, MVSREC
  7. Dr. Akhil Khare, HOD, CSE, MVSREC
  8. Mr. V. Ashwini Kumar, Chief Coordinator, EDC & IIC, MVSREC

1.  Speakers spoke about Innovations and their importance. Mr. V. Ashwini Kumar presented the opportunities for Innovations in the form of “Atal New India Challenge”, and “Innovations in Defence Excellence”, IDEX.  A list of 50 innovations is presented for development and for participation in various Innovation Challenges.

2.  Mr. Fazeel  Hasan Usmani, the alumni (BE IT -2018) is invited by Google to San Francisco, California, USA to attend Connect Live 2018 in October for his contribution to Google Maps.  Speakers of the day congratulated him. Principal presented a memento to Fazeel.  Mr. Fazeel Hasan Usmani spoke about how and what he did to be invited Google. He explained that how he debugged about 100 bugs in Google Maps and how he presented better solutions. He has motivated students to explore and innovate.

3.   As an example for Innovation and Product development, a Table-Top A4-Size Paper Displayer product is presented with content on Haar Wavelet Series Expansion to Principal for academic use. This prototype will be further developed into a commercial product after due exercises in design and manufacturing. We requested Principal to look into this matter.

V. Ashwini Kumar,

Chief Coordinator, EDC & IIC, MVSREC


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