Department of Applied Science & Humanities

Mathematics in Real, Applied, Computational Learning Environments
1st- 06th ,JULY ,2019


The FDP was aimed at career development and knowledge upgradation among the peer community of mathematicians. There were total 11 lectures organizedand resource persons were from premier institutions, such as University of Hyderabad, Osmania University, NIT Warangal, NIT Tadepalligudem, Rayalaseema University , Tata Consultancy Services ,Juxtand MVSREC.

Main objective of conducting the FDP was

  1. To disseminate the knowledge of Mathematical sciences in the area of Applied mathematics, optimization, Random number theory, Probability and statistics which are versatile in usage of Next generation Learning process defined by Industry 4.0.
  2. To cater needs of Industry 4.0, which focus on cyber physical systems , artificial Intelligence and its embedded applications varying from defense strategy to life saving Medical sciences, where mathematicians play a vital role in it.

A brief note of the lectures wasas follows:

  1. Prof Y.Narasimhulu , from University of Hyderabad, had discussed on generalized trends in teaching mathematics – challenges , roadmaps and tools (for mathematics teacher) were presented.
  2. Dr.RadhaKrishnamacharya, prof from NIT Tadepalligudem, had given an excellent talk on biomechanics and their applications. Specifically, Function of kidney and measurement of blood pressure is really highlight of the FDP.
  3. Dr. Y.N.Reddy ,prof from NIT warangal had highlighted the usage of discrete mathematics, and how difference equations were used in design and analysis of algorithms. The parameter y(n) specified in his topic were discussed and finally we understood y(n) in the talk is none other than YN reddy sir.His next lecture on shooting methods , applicable to optimization problems were equally good and thought provoking.
  4. Dr P.VenkataSunderanand, prof, from Rayalaseema University, had discussed on Randomness- a pragmatic way of security. His lecture had given scope to most of research scholars to define the problems of research.
  5. Dr. Venugopal Rao M , General manager of Juxt has thrown the light on mathematics/ statistical topics applicable to industry. Real time examples in logistics industry were quoted and finally made the way for mathematics teachers in Computer Science industry.
  6. Dr. C.Jaya Lakshmi, Prof, Osmania University, had given exemplary lecture on statistics, history, basics and applications. This lecture was more like interactive class room for Research scholars. Her Lecture had all references of epics with mathematical statistics.
  7. Dr.Ramana Murthy MV , Prof, from MGIT had given the topic on cyber security and second lecture on solving partial differential equations. The talk was mostly like an encoded and encrypted commands to mathematics teachers.
  8. Dr M.Madhavi , prof, MVSREC had given a talk on Finite element methods and talk is just like piece wise linear polynomial function. Her excellence in finite element methods applicable to Engineering are well understood and appreciated.
  9. Dr.G.L.Kameswari and G.S.Sharma from MVSREC had presented topic on deep learning applicable to engineering studies and Artificial neural networks were discussed and practiced using MATLAB. This interactive session made Mathematics lab a dream reality.
  10. Dr.Y.Gopinath, Associate vice-president of TCS had given an excellent lecture on Data analytics , and how to handle big data. His exemplary talk on industrial data analytics is highly honoured and appreciated, at all levels of audience.
  11. Chandrakanth Annam, from DRDO had presented a talk on control systems and it was more useful to the academicians working in research areas of error estimation, controllers , feedback signal and optimization.


The objectives were met, and the number of registered participants were 60 , in number. I present back my sincere submission to the august audience that talks of the sessions were very interesting, stimulating and thought provoking.

At the last, I COIN the WORD MIRACLE ie., MATHEMATICS IN REAL, APPLIED, COMPUTING, LEARNING ENVIRONMENT”- the Field of Mathematics and its allied branches made a huge MIRACLE in this digital era.Dedicated to all Mathematics Teachers who made mathematics sometimes more complex and sometimes more simple and easier as two sides of the coin MIRACLE.



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