Department of Applied Science & Humanities

Mathematics in Real, Applied, Computational Learning Environments
1st- 06th ,JULY ,2019


The FDP aims at addressing the recent developments in the area of Mathematics, allied and applied areas of mathematics, including statistics. At the end of the FDP, the participants would be able to

  1. Understand the recent developments in Mathematical sciences
  2. Understand the applications of Mathematics in real world engineering applications of Industries.
  3. Develop a conceptual approach of teaching mathematics.
  4. Identify the areas of current and ongoing research in Mathematics/ Statistics areas.

Workshop Contents

Differential equations /Partial differential equations

  • Linear algebra/ Number Theory
  • Finite Volume Techniques/ Finite element Techniques
  • MATLAB programming
  • Numerical Methods / Optimization
  • Regression/ ANOVA
  • Engineering Mathematics & Applications
  • Research Methodology
  • Data Analytics

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