BIT 359                                            WITH EFFECTFROM THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2012-2013


Instruction                                                                                                           4 Periods per week
Duration of University Examination                                                                   3Hours
University Examination                                                                                     75Marks
Sessional                                                                                                            25 Marks

Introduction to process control Introduction, control systems, process control block diagram, control system evaluation, time response, significance and statistics.Analog signal conditioning.principlesof analog signal conditioning, passive circuits, op amps, op-amps in instrumentation, Industrial Electronics. Digital Signal Conditioning:
Review of digital fundamentals, comparators,DAC’sADC’s data acquisition systems (DAS)

Thermal Sensors: Metal resistance Vs temperature devices,thermistors, thermocouples, bimetal strips, Gas thermometer, vapor pressure thermometer, liquid expansion thermometer, solid state temperature sensors. Mechanical Sensors displacement, location or position sensors, strain sensors, motion sensors, pressure sensors flow sensors.

OpticalSensors :Fundamentals of EM radiation, photo detectors,pyrometry, optical sources, applications. Final control: Final Control operation, signal conversions, actuators, control elements.

Desecratestate processcontrol :Definition,characteristics of the system, ladder diagram, Programmable logic controllers. Controllerprinciples :Process characteristics, control system parameters, discontinuous, continuous and composite controller modes.

Analog controllers: Electronic controllers, pneumatic controllers, design considerations. Digital Controllers Digital electronics methods, computers in process control, characteristics of digital data, controller software. Control loop characteristics: Control system configurations, multivariable control systems, control system quality, stability, process loop tuning.


1. Curtis Johnson, “Process Control Instrumentation Technology“,Edition, P111-2001.
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3. CSRangan, G.R.Sarma, V.S.VMani, “Instrumentation Devices & Systems” 2°c’ Edition.TataMcGraw Hill,2002.


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