Central Library
also has a good number of highly qualified professional staff and they have computer and allied technical skills which they acquired by getting in service training, attending conferences and seminars on information technology.

Staff particulars:

Name Designation Qualifications
R. Ashok Librarian M.L.I.Sc., M.Phil.,
G. Vijaya Kumar Asst. Librarian M.A., M.L.I.Sc.
D.Veena Joshi Library Asst. M.A., M.L.I.Sc.
P. Venu Madhav Library Asst. M. A., M.L.I.Sc.
T. Anuradha Book Bearer M.L.I.Sc.
Raj Kumar Book Bearer M.A., M.L.I.Sc.
P.Sravanthi Tech. Asst. D.C.C.P.(B.Com)
P.V.S. Anjaneyulu Record Asst. B.A.
C.Vasu Attender -
M.Krishna Attender SSC
P.Kameshwaramma Helper SSC

Reference Section

In this section, we have displayed 9,333 number of textbooks and related reference books required for the semester courses for all engineering disciplines for consulting within the reference section. These books are not issued to the readers for borrowing.

It is maintained by well - versed and fully qualified staff. They are fully conversant with the holdings of the section and also they are fully acquainted with the reference materials available in the reference section. They guide the readers to find out the requisite materials and they also provide requisite information efficiently.

The staff of the reference section having always sympathetic attitude towards the reader and they try to provide Right Book to Right Reader in Right Time.

Periodical Section

Bulk of primary source literature appears in the form of periodicals. The periodicals articles is the means of communication for the exchange of Scientific and Technical. Information contains in periodicals is almost invariably more up to date than that appearing in books. Periodicals usually reports the result of recent research more quickly than books. Information on new processes and discoveries can appear in a periodical with in week of their formulation. We observe that much of the materials reported in a periodicals is never published in books. Therefore we maintain back volumes of periodicals.

Selection of periodicals for technical institution is a challenging job for the teachers and librarian, because there is need to concentrate on current and latest technical developments in the field of science and technology and it has to brought to the notice of students and staff. Therefore we consider the recommendations of teacher, head of the department and students for selection of periodicals. The subscription for periodicals we paid annually in advance.

Audiovisual Library

This is an additional facility which is providing for our college students. We have a large stack of C Ds and other audiovisuals for both in - house and in - home use.

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