Student Opinion Poll (Feedback on teachers) 
Instructions to Students


The opinion poll(Student Feedback) has been in practice for nearly two decades in the college. Opinion poll is conducted at the end of each semester. Students are asked to rate each teacher on the following six criteria:

 Criteria-1:  Concept Explanation & Communication   

 Criteria-2:  Lectures Interesting and Enthusiastic

 Criteria-3: Test, Assignment Evaluation & Feedback

 Criteria-4: Punctuality and Regularity

 Criteria-5: Syllabus Coverage                                 

 Criteria-6: Accessibility Inside &Outside the Class.

 Each student rates each subject faculty considering the above criteria on a scale of 1 to 4 based on the following

 4 à Excellent

3-à Good

 2à Satisfactory

 1à Needs Improvement

 The poll is currently conducted online. 

  • Students feedback is important to us as to improve teaching learning process.
  • Students are advised to read carefully the criteria on which the faculty is rated  before submitting.
  •  We value your feedback and please give your feedback for constructive purpose only.



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