With effect from Academic Year 2015-2016

EC 242         


                 BASIC ELECTRONICS LAB

                (For Mech., Prod. & CSE)


Instruction                                                                                           3 Periods per week

Duration of University Examination                                                  3 Hours

University Examination                                                                      50 Marks

Sessional                                                                                             25 Marks

Course objectives:

1.Demonstrate the characteristics of Semiconductor diodes

2.Realize the filters and Rectifiers.

3.Verify the characteristics of different transistor Configurations.

4.Design of Biasing Circuits for BJT and FET Amplifiers.

5.Design different circuits using Operational Amplifiers.


List of Experiments:

List of Experiments:

1.CRO-Applications, Measurements of R, L and C using LCR meter, Color code methodsoldering practice.

 2.   Characteristics of Semiconductors diode(Ge, Si and Zener).

3.   Static characteristics of BJT-Common Emitter.

4.   Static characteristics of BJT-Common Base.

5.   Static characteristics of FET.

6.   RC-Phase Shift Oscillator.

7.   Hartley and Colpitt’s Oscillators.

8.   Common Emitter Amplifier.

9.   A stable Multivibrator.

10. Full-wave rectifier with and without filters using BJT.

11. Operational Amplifier applications.

12. Strain Guage Measurement.

13. Analog-to-Digital and Digital to Analog Converters.




Suggested Reading :

1.David Bell A., Operational Amplifiers and Linear ICS, Prentice Hall of India, 2005.

2.David Bell A.,Laboratoryfor Electronic Devices and Circuits, Prentice Hall of India, 2007.

3.Boylested R.L. and Nashelsky, Electronics Devices and Circuit Theory, Prentice HallIndia,2006.

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