EC 433                                                                  

                          PROJECT SEMINAR             

Instruction                                                                                                                                                                                        3  Periods per week

Sessional                                                                                                                                                                                          25 Marks


Oral presentation is an important aspect of engineering education. The objective of the seminar is to prepare the student for a systematic and independent study of the state of the art topics in a broad area of his / her specialization.


Project seminar topics may be chosen by the student with advice and approval from the faculty members. Students are to be exposed to the following aspects of seminar presentation.


Literature Survey


Organization of the material


Presentation of OHP slides / PC presentation Technical writing


Each student is required to:


1.          Submit a one-page synopsis before the seminar talk for display on the notice board.


2.          Give a 20 minutes presentation through OHP, Power PoinT Presentation followed by a 10 minutes discussion.


3.          Submit a report on the seminar topic with list of references and slides used.


Seminars are to be scheduled from the 3rd week of the semester to the last week of the semester and any change in schedule should be discouraged..


         For award of sessional marks students are to be judged by two faculty members on the basis of an oral and written presentation as well as their      involvement in the discussions.

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