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Academic and Administration Duties

Name of the Faculty

& Position






Dr. G. Kanaka Durga

Professor, ECE Department







  • Designs and defines the organization’s structure.
  • Defines and delegates responsibilities of various positions in the organization
  • Ensures periodic monitoring & evaluation of various processes & sub- processes
  • Looks after the overall development of institute
  • Mobilizes external resources to strengthen the institute
  • Plans & provides for necessary facilities / equipment for development.
  • Instills confidence and devotion in every member of the College
  • Ensures effective purchase procedure is followed
  • Defines quality policies and objectives
  • Prepares annual budget
  • Conducts periodic meeting of various bodies such as Governing Body, College Academic Council, and Grievances Redressal Committee, etc.
    • Manages accounts and finance
    • Manages employee recruitment process





Prof. SGS Murthy

Professor, Civil Engineering Department



Vice- Principal




  • Staff (NT) Recruitment and development
  • Coordinates Purchase Process
  • Discharges routine duties of Principal during absence of Principal
  • Coordinates publication of Colleges Annual Magazine
  • Coordinates Resource Provision to all concerned
  • Coordinates Preparation of Budget
  • Coordinates Office Administration
  • Coordinates in the preparation of Compliance reports to AICTE, APSCHE, DTE & University
  • Formation of student council
    • Proper conduct of co-curricular and Extra-Curricular activities
    • Proper conduct of sports activities
    • Coordinates mobilization of Resource Generation
    • Identifying training needs of nonteaching staff
    • Notify the non-teaching staff about various Employee Development programs
    • Arrange such Employee Development Programs





Heads of



Dr. G. Venkata Subbaiah


Prof. SGS Murthy (Civil)

Dr. Akhil Khare (CSE)

Dr. B. Sarala (ECE)

Dr.DVM Chary (EEE)

Dr. Ch. Samson (IT)

Dr. J. Kandasamy (Mechanical)

Dr. A.R. Subramanyam(S&H)

Dr. M.S. Rama Devi (MBA)


  • Plans, executes, and monitors academic and support activities of the department
  • Maintains discipline and culture in the department
  • Maintains the department neat and clean
  • Picks and promotes strengths of students / faculty / staff
  • Proposes Department Budget
  • Adheres to Quality Management System (QMS) Procedures
  • Maintains records of departmental activities and achievements
  • Proposing annual budget for Employee Development Programs
  • Maintain Employee training records
  • Oversee Employee Attendance System & Maintain the monthly attendance report
  • Preparation of time tables
  • Monitoring of lectures and practical
  • Oversees student, and faculty counseling
  • Conduct of internal examinations
  • Collecting students feedback
  • Fortnightly cumulative attendance of students
  • Co-ordinate the activities of class advisors
  • Monitoring submission of Internal theory and external lab examination mark lists
  • Students Counseling
  • Student discipline
    • Facilitating career guidance to students
    • Assisting students suffering from psychological disorders
    • Arranging for professional counselors
    • Maintaining record of counseling activities
    • Conducting student academic counseling
    • Arranging remedial classes for weaker students
    • Arranging Parent Teacher meetings



Dr. P. A. Sastry


Mechanical Engineering



Chief Coordinator- Academics



  • Ensures execution of academic calendar for UG & PG programs
  • Oversees the teaching-learning process
  • Faculty Performance Appraisals
  • Faculty Research Review
  • Carries out result analysis and suggests corrective measures to Principal
  • Initiates remedial teaching measures
  • Facilitates proper conduct of co-curricular activities
  • Oversees first year student orientation program
  • Oversees Faculty Development Programs (FDPs)


KVRK Subramanyam

Assoc. Prof.

Mechanical Engineering


Chief Coordinator-

PG Programmes



  • Admissions and course registration of PG students
  • GATE and other scholarships
  • Almanac and preparation of time tables
  • Syllabus revisions
  • Internal Marks and Attendance
  • Conduct of Project Seminars
  • Final Project Viva Voce
  • Liaison with University and student issues

Ch. Venkat Rao

Assoc. Prof.

S&H Department


I/c. Student Admissions &


  • Coordinating Student Admissions of UG, PG, MBA Programs and BE (Lateral Entry) as per merit list forwarded by respective convener.
  • Coordinating admissions made for Category B-Seats
  • Preparation of Roll Lists for Newly admitted and II to IV year Semester wise including re-admissions
  • Maintaining students’ certificates during the study
  • Issue of Bonafide, Custodian, Course Completion, Transfer Certificate etc.
  • Liaison with University and State Government for Ratification of Admissions



Dr. S. Gajanana


Mechanical Engineering






  • Computation of total requirement of invigilators for each department
  • Seating arrangements for external examinations
  • Conduct of External examinations (theory and practical)
  • Monitoring of External Examinations
  • Arranging dispatch of Answer Script bundles to university
  • Attending meetings with Controller of Examinations of University
  • Arranging required number of subject experts for evaluation at university
  • Conducting Evaluation of Answer Scripts sent by university as and when required
  • Downloading of question papers from university and printing, ensuring confidentiality
  • Preparation of Result Analysis
  • To interact with University for exam related works.
  • Preparation of remuneration bills of invigilators, examiners (Internal as well as external), sending the same to university and disbursement after receiving from university
  • To review from time to time, the results of university examinations and forward reports thereon to the Principal.

R. Ashok



  • Performance of   all jobs related to library technical services, including Acquiring new books, Journals, Audio, Video materials and cataloging, classifying library materials and maintaining an accurate, up-to-date database of library holdings and physically processing items being added to and withdrawn from the collection.
  • Supervising and assisting in entering library materials into the database in accordance with the MARC standard using library management software.
    • Supervision of the operations of the library circulation and technical services staff.
    • Operation and maintenance of library facilities like digital library, Internet PCs, servers, reprography, computers and other IT equipment.
    • Providing training to students and staff using of digital library, e-resources like IEEE, ASCE, ASME,J-GATE, INFLIBNET,DELNET,NDL & IEI, and other open resources.
    • Evaluate materials to determine outdated or unused items to be discarded.
    • Managing campus library service points(departmental Libraries )
      • Documentation and feedback on work practices and procedures to ensure the continuous improvement of lending and document services of the library.
      • Maintains   library discipline and culture
      • Prepares annual budget for library
      • Identify Book distributors for purchase of Books
      • Procure the required number of titles and volumes for each program



Administrative Officer

(Establishment Section)

  • Coordinates day to day activities of the office
  • Discipline Aspects
  • Assists the Principal in administrative activities
  • College roster
  • Maintaining Service Registers of Faculty and Staff
  • Maintaining Faculty and Staff Personal files
  • Recruitment process
  • Maintains minutes of meeting (all)
  • Preparation of Salary Statements of Faculty and Staff
  • Maintain Leave Records of Faculty and Staff

Ch. Seetha Ramaiah


Administrative Officer (Legal Matters)

  • Coordinates day to day activities of the office
  • Deals with Legal Matters of the College
  • Pay Fixations and Promotions of Faculty and Staff
  • To advise on the matters related with overall administration as and when needed.

B. Ram Kumar


Accounts Officer

  • Coordinate day to day activities of office with Departments, Banks, Principal and Management to the Statutory Departments.
  • Arranging internal and external audits
    • Student Fee Collection with accounting staff.
    • Verification of payments of expenses
    • Verification of receipts
    • Payment of Bills
    • Purchase Process
    • Preparation of Annual College Budget
    • Budget Allocation to various Programmes after approval from management
    • Preparation of Balance Sheets
    • Preparation of Audited Statements
    • Preparation of statement to AFRC, AICTE, AISHE, TSCHE, Osmania University.
    • Payment of Salaries after approval from Principal and Management

K. Narasimha Rao

Asst. Prof.

ECE Department


I/c. Scholarships


  • Maintaining record of information and documents related to fee reimbursement process of SC,ST, BC (Categories), Minority, Physically Challenged and EBC Students.
  • Processing various stages of fee reimbursement as per state government procedures and deadlines.
  • Coordinating with State Government Bodies for sanction of fee reimbursement funds.
  • Processing Central Merit scholarships and those offered by various organizations and private bodies.

J. Naveen

Lab. Asst., Civil Department


I/C Maintenance



Overall Campus maintenance including

  • Maintaining building plans
  • Maintenance and Housekeeping
  • Campus Greenery
  • Plumbing works
  • Electrical works including generators maintenance

G. Vijay Kumar


Assoc. Prof.

CSE Department


Systems Manager


  • Coordinate with Heads of Departments for collection and Organization of data.
  • Maintenance and upkeep of all computer systems
  • Campus Network
  • Internet Facilities
  • Arranging maintenance of all software used in the central computing facility
  • Maintenance and updating college website


System Administrator,

CSE Department


I/c. CCS Cell


  • Student Daily Attendance Records
  • Student Information Access
  • Maintains Faculty and Staff Biometric Attendance.
  • Inclusion and deletion of staff
  • Coordinate with Academic Section for Students information
  • Maintains Student Bio data for Academic Information
  • Maintenance of CCTV Footage

Prof. J. Prasanna Kumar

Professor, CSE Department


Training and Placement Officer


  • Liaisons with industry
  • Identifies and provides for training needs of students
  • Arranges campus interviews
  • Proposes annual T & P budget
    • Prepares database of some top international/national companies consisting of their addresses, details of operations, their expectations, their HR team etc. for which services of some students could be utilized.
    • Works with faculty members/department Heads and administration to integrate career planning and academic curriculum as well as coordinate Project Work/ Summer Training/internship programs.
    • Prepares an audio-video presentation or a colorful hand-out on the college to be presented to potential employers.
    • Compiles and maintain a data bank on student profiles and (video) resumes along with their photographs.
    • Prepares a placement brochure having all the student profiles.
    • Undertakes a rigorous placement campaign.
    • Assists employers achieve their hiring goals.
    • Empowers students with life-long career decision-making skills.
    • Provides resources and activities to facilitate the career planning process. 
    • Up gradation of the students’ skill sets commensurate with the expectations of the industry.
    • Generation of awareness in the students regarding future career options available to them.
    • Assisting our students in obtaining final placement in reputed companies.
    • Keeps track of all the advertisements related to placements appropriate to the profiles of aspirants.
    • Organizes placement training for the students and make them ready for interview and group discussion.
    • Shall be a live wire connecting the students and the industrial houses.
    • Helps departments to find suitable summer assignments to the students

N. Sanju

Asst. Prof.

S&H Department


I/C Transport


  • Maintains buses meant for faculty and students
  • Provides bus schedules and takes all the necessary logistics of transport
  • Arrange special buses for students writing exams at other centres
  • Arranging buses for local industrial visits
  • Collection of transport fee from students and staff
  • Ensure all the buses arrive in time

Dr. N. Srinivas

Asst. Prof.

Department of Physical Education


Physical Director


  • Ensure smooth conduct of sports
  • Ensure proper use of sports facilities
  • Purchase of sports items
  • Encourage students to participate in zonal tournaments
  • Creation and upkeep of sports facilities
  • Propose annual budget for sports
  • Oversee security
  • Ensure campus is Ragging free
  • Student health care by coordinating with College Doctor

Dr. M. Madhavi


Mechanical Engineering Department


Chief Coordinator- R&D & Consultancy Cell


Studies / reviews/ recommends

  • R&D and Consultancy projects of various funding agencies like DST, UGC and AQIS of AICTE and communicate to HoDs
  • R&D proposals to various funding agencies put up by heads of the departments.
  • Funding or infrastructure to be provided by College.
  • Possible contribution by industry or other agencies to R&D.
  • Establishment of specialized facilities for testing or skill training
  • Ongoing Consultancy activities and additional support for furtherance
  • Funding student UG and PG projects with R&D orientation
  • Patent proposals
  • Record of the activities, deadlines, related correspondence.

V. Ashwini Kumar

Assoc. Prof.

Information Technology


Chief Coordinator -Entrepreneur Development Cell


  • To Motivate and train Engineering Students to become Entrepreneurs generating jobs for self and for others.
  • To Conduct
  1. a.Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps (EAC)
  2. b.Entrepreneurship Development Programs (EDP)
  3. c.Faculty Development Programs (FDP)
  4. d.Skill Development Programs (SDP)
  1. a.Product/Service Identification
  2. b.Survey
  3. c.Preparation of Project Reports
  4. d.Financial
  • To Develop Technology Business Incubation (TBI) Centers


Dr. B. Sandhya

Assoc. Prof.



Chief Coordinator- Industry Institute Interaction Cell


  • To arrange Interaction between the industry and the academia/ students
  • To coordinate workshops, conferences involving   industry personnel
  • To arrange industrial training/visits for faculty and students
  • Involve industry personnel in research activities of faculty
  • Identify possible consultancy projects from industry
  • Guest lectures/seminar to be delivered by industry experts
  • To involve experts from industry in the development /review of the curriculum
  • Identify avenues for students internships/projects in industry
  • To encourage faculty to solve technical problems faced by the industry
  • To train industry personnel in fundamental concepts / specialized areas


A.Sambasiva Rao

Asst. Prof.



I/c. Stationery and Printing


  • By coordinating with HoDs, arrange printing of lab manuals, record books, and assignment books.
  • To Collect and consolidate requirement of all stationery items.
  • Prepare budget for Printing and stationery
  • Printing of Syllabus books
  • Purchase & Maintenance Xerox Machines

Prof. KSR Murthy

Professor, ECE Department


I/C Quality Management System

  • QMS coordination
  • Establish, implement and maintain quality management system
  • Maintain up-to-date master documents with history of revision.
  • ISO Certification process

K.T. Sai Babu


Public Relations Officer

/ Liaison Officer


  • Designs and prints admission brochure
  • Maintains album containing photographs of all events and buildings
  • Publicizes events
  • Liaison with APSCHE, University, DTE, AICTE, etc.

Dr. J. Kandasamy

Assoc. Prof. Mechanical Engineering Department


I/C Alumni


  • Facilitates formation and registration of Alumni Association
  • Arranges periodic meetings of Alumni association
  • Ensures alumni registration
  • Prepares alumni news letter
  • Arranges annual alumni meet
  • Proposes alumni association’s annual budget

Dr. G. Venkata Subbaiah


Automobile Engineering Department


I/C Student Professional



  • Recommend the events through student’s professional societies/ chapters.
  • Coordinates QEEE programs
  • Organize events through students professional societies / chapters
  • Organize paper and design contests
  • Encourage student participation
  • Publication of technical magazine and news letters
  • Record of student participation and achievements in Co-curricular and extracurricular activities
  • Maintain record of such events

DVSR Sesidhar

Asst. Prof.

ECE Department


Flg. Officer NCC

  • Organizes NCC training camps
  • Facilitates students to involve in NCC activities.
  • Report of NCC activities to office of Principal on monthly basis

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